Bravery comes in many forms and conjures a lot of different images. The bravery I am referring to comes in the form of showing up as our messy, beautiful, authentic, imperfect selves. It comes in the form of letting ourselves off the hook and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone all at the same time. I have learned that being myself bravely means sometimes being vulnerable when I would rather hide. It means accepting that I am not everyone’s cup of tea and showing up anyway. It means giving myself permission to value myself.

If you have tried to shrink yourself, find validation from outside of yourself rather than within yourself, avoided vulnerability, felt stuck, tried to control the outcomes or been paralyzed by self-judgement, you’re in good company. I think we have all done all of those things from time to time but there is a different way. It doesn’t require perfection or hours and hours of time. It only requires a willingness to shift your perception, become aware of limiting beliefs, and most importantly a desire to practice radical self-love.

Through meaningful conversation, guided self-reflection, meditation, and approaching your health from a holistic perspective, we can work together to help you own your story and live your truth. Be you, Bravely.