Come Explore With Me…

Be You Bravely, is the culmination of over twenty years of actively working through the effects of trauma and anxiety.  I engaged in talk therapy, which was helpful, but what I came to realize after receiving training and experience in holistic nutrition, reiki, health coaching, mindfulness, and other holistic modalities, is that talk therapy is the tip of the iceberg to healing.  Our bodies have to be in a place to receive this guidance.   When we tap into the wisdom of our higher self, learn to soothe our nervous system and embrace that our mind, body and spirit are intimately connected, we step into a beautiful healing space. Be You Bravely is about stepping into that space.

My sessions are designed to address all aspects of you and your wellness. You know you best, so we work together to choose the practices that will be sustainable and supportive for your unique needs. I will be here to give you the tools and support you on your healing path.

My sessions are for you if:

  • You’re tired of having anxiety and fear-based thinking run your life
  • You’re tired of seeking validation from others
  • You’re tired of not trusting yourself
  • You’re tired of thinking you will always be stuck in patterns that hold you back

In my practice we identify what beliefs and patterns are keeping you from living an authentic and aligned life and then take a mind, body, spirit approach to tapping into your inner healer and wisdom.

Here are some of the healing techniques we will explore together:

Creating Consciousness






Gratitude Practices

Breathing Techniques



Inner Child Work

Self Soothing Techniques


Body Awareness

Food and Nutrition

Using mindfulness, energy work, body awareness, talking, visualizations and compassionate  attention to lifestyle, we work together to release limiting beliefs, break self-sabotaging behaviors, cultivate radical self-love and step into your authentic self.

Free 30 Minute Call

Your mind, body and spirit are all connected. That is why I help guide you through a holistic healing approach that addresses your thoughts and emotions, heals the body with nourishing food and movement, and provides many tools and visualizations that help to calm your nervous system.