Holistic Counseling Session Bundles

Healing takes time and consistency.  With that in mind, I offer bundled services rather than one-off sessions.  If you’re looking for a more traditional counseling experience with a holistic foundation, choose one of the counseling bundles.  If you feel you would benefit from counseling, in addition to the goal setting and accountability practices that come with coaching, choose the combined counseling/coaching bundles.  Sessions are offered via Zoom.  In person sessions are available for those that live in the Colorado Springs area. 

+ Coaching

Combined counseling and coaching sessions are offered for those that would like more accountability built into the healing work. In addition to the work described above, we will develop goals and there will be email check-ins between sessions to provide encouragement and help keep you on track. This is ideal if you are looking to make major lifestyle changes such as adding a consistent exercise practice, changing how you eat, or you are trying to accomplish a project and having a hard time keeping yourself accountable.

Building a Foundation of Awareness

This program cultivates the foundational practices for moving out of autopilot and into conscious living.  Move from your head to your heart space.
• 50 Minute Sessions
• 1 Session Per Week
• 4 Weeks of Sessions


Coming Home, Embodying Your Authentic Self

In this program, we start with the foundational practices and then learn to identify and release limiting beliefs and destructive patterns to uncover your authentic self and embrace radical self-love.
• 50 Minute Sessions
• 1 Session Per Week
• 8 Weeks of Sessions
($50 savings)


* Payment plans Available

Embracing the Healer Within

This program provides ongoing support as you integrate the foundation and embodiment tools into all areas of your life and embrace your inner healer.
• 50 Minute Sessions
• 1 Session Per Week
• 12 Weeks of Sessions
($100 savings)


* Payment plans Available

Individual sessions available for $80

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