Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been five years since I’ve looked at this blog.  So let me back up a little before we move forward.  When I started this blog I was looking for a creative outlet and a place to share my random thoughts about life.  I don’t know if I had any high hopes in regard to who would read it, but it just felt good to put it out there until…and here’s the sad part, I let the opinion of someone else derail me.  Apparently those words in a previous post, about hitting 40 and not caring what other people think, weren’t quite as true as I had hoped.  I’m sorry to say, I let it get the best of me and just stopped before I really had a chance to get started.  Okay, so there’s the nutshell version of why I haven’t written on this blog for almost 5 years but man, I sure have learned a lot since then!

Fast forward to now.  I have a partner who is awesome.  No seriously.  She actually is.  I have never been with anyone as supportive and kind, in my life.  Sure, I could do this all on my own, but it sure does help when you have your person standing right next to you the whole time.  And my daughter, who was just 6 when I first started this blog, is now 11!  Unbelievable, I know.  I’m not sure how that happened but it did and she is doing this whole growing up thing like a champ.  The ironic thing is, she HATES making decisions, but she’s got the whole independent thinking thing down pat.  (Check out Because I said so…or not. if you have no idea why her hating making decisions is ironic.)


Life wasn’t bad 5 years ago but it’s even better now!

As for me, I started my own company called Be You, Bravely, which is what led me back to this blog.  I have been ripping my hair out trying to create a website because wow, I am really bad at things like that.  Most millennials could probably get the stupid thing up and running in an hour, but I’ve been trying for over a week with no success.  Well, unless you count running into this blog that I completely forgot I started.  And even better than that, I read what I wrote and was like, man, this is pretty fun to read.  Why the hell did I stop writing it???  (Oh yeah, the not so brave me.) But that was a long time ago and she’s gone but this blog, thanks to the permanence of all things inter web, still remains.  So here I am.  Side note: I have no idea how to change the name of this blog to Be You, Bravely so I’m not going to lose another hair on my head trying.  I’m sure that goes against all kinds of branding rules but oh well.  Real life is happening right here and now with my lack of knowledge regarding all things computer, and to be honest, real life just keeps happening while we are all out here trying to be ourselves bravely so it kind of works, right?

Be You, Bravely is my health/life/self-love coaching company.  It was born out of my own personal experience with embracing my authentic self, trial and error, and my ongoing journey toward radical self-love.  (Oh yeah, and I went back to school for a year to get a few more letters to put behind my name so I could show up a little more prepared for you.)  The fact that the universe led me back to this blog is a sign that I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing.  “Trust,” the universe whispers, and you know what? I do.  I trust whole-heartedly, that when we show up as our brave (and often messy) selves, that amazing things happen.

I hope you join me on this journey with Be You, Bravely and Real Life Happens because I sure can’t wait to share it with you.  And I promise, I won’t wait 5 years to post again (wink).