That is precisely the question that has kept me from blogging for the past several years. I was waiting for some huge world altering idea to come to me. Something that would be a crime to keep from everyone. I got nuthin. So the banter in my head continued to conjure up every excuse possible: I’m not tech savvy enough, I’m not creative enough, my writing isn’t good enough, what if no one reads it, why would anyone care what I think, no time, no inspiration, writers block…I could go on forever. Despite all of those thoughts, the idea of writing a blog still intrigued me.

There are 3 reasons I started this blog.

1. Why not?

2. It scares the shit out of me.

3. Authentic conversations about real things are fun.

So needless to say that first post made me want to puke a little. Whew! Glad that’s over!

In the posts to come you may read things that resonate with you and feel relieved you’re not the only one. You may think I’m off my rocker. You may be a bit of a homophobe and stop reading at the sight of the word “lesbian” in the first post. Or you may just be reading because there’s a commercial on and you’re bored. It really doesn’t matter. The truth is I love connecting with people! I want to have candid conversations about real things and I want us, the intelligent women and men that choose to read this, to offer each other new perspectives.
I believe there are a thousand right ways to do any one thing and I think facing our fear and opening our minds builds character. So here I am. Here we are.

My question to you is what would you do if you had no fear?